“You can’t be happy when you’re fat. No-one can.”

I just had to Reblog this, this was so beautifully written and has given me so much inspiration and realizing that its time to be true to yourself.

Lani Wendt Young

atruthA while back, Bella was getting dressed for school when she uttered words that broke my heart.

“Mama, I’m fat. But I want to be skinny like Kelly. See my tummy?” She pulled up her shirt to show me a beautiful belly that loves tickles.

And I looked at my five year old daughter – really looked at her. The pleading sadness in her big, brown eyes. The ‘yuck-face’ she made as she patted at her little-girl tummy. The discontent in the droop of her shoulders as she turned to look at her reflection in the mirror. It was a sadness and a ‘yuck-face’ and a discontent that I know all too well.

What have I done?

She didn’t stop there. She wanted to be smaller – ‘like my friend blah blah’. Less hairy – ‘like my friend blah blah’. I noted that all the friends she was aspiring to look like…

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