Not every day can be perfect.
Today while sitting in the living room wit my father he got a call.
It was my brother telling him that out grandfather was laying in our yard and could not get up.
We look to to the hospital and he broke he fibula and sprained 3 toes. Yeah that’s pretty bad. It’s even worse when your grandfather is 78 years old.
What happened was he was taking a walk around our field and tripped on a branch and fell. He crawled back up to our house. It’s horrible.
i was sitting in my room and I heard my dad’s phone ringing. I was thinking to myself “who the hell is calling him! He has to get up at 2:30am”
My father is a truck driver.
Well the phone call was from my father. He had got into a accident.
He was coming around a bend in the road and lost control of his car and hit a fence. When I say a fence I mean it’s a horse farm.
THANK GOD he is okay. That’s all I care about.
Is his car okay? Uhm no!
But once upon a time my brothers life was almost taken away and today was another wake up call. It’s a shame he was doing anything wrong but it happened.
Never take the people you care for the most for Granite you never know when they can be taken away from you.


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