Now I’m A Warrior

Demi Lovatos song Warrior hit that spot.

All her music means something. All of her music is true.

I use this blog to just be true to who I am without my friends and family judging me.

It scares me to tell people who i really used to be and what i really went through as a teen.

When I was a junior in high school my parents separated for the 4th time.

That time was the hardest, both my mom and dad were both my bestfriends.

So I dealt with it differently. I didn’t shove myself in my room everyday and just cry. I needed and found an escape.

My escape was drugs.

It started because i was hanging out with the wrong group of people.

First it was weed than it turned into pills.

I’m not going to lie i was addicting.

It went on for a few years then i met someone.

Someone who changed my life for the better.

And its been almost 4 years sense that person changed me.

I love him. Hes the love of my life and my savior.

But anyways my birthday is coming up soon and i decided to get I’m a warrior tattooed on my shoulder.

I chose that quote because i feel like i am a warrior. I scruggled in life and it was hard. Everything was hard and life was hard but i got through it. I am a better person today. I love who i am today.

And i know who ever is reading this is probably thinking she is a horrible writer. But i don’t care. Im putting this out there for people to know that when times get hard and life might seem like its falling apart, it will always get better. But you have to want it to get better. You have to fight for it.


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