To the man that walked out of my life

You never appreciated me.

Nothing that I did for you, the big things for the little things


You had everyone fooled. You made everyone think that you were a great person. Treated me like I was your girl, your princess, but behind closed doors it was different. It was all a fake.

See the thing is… I believed you… Every time I looked at you when you smiled, or you laughed or you were just having a general conversation with someone I fell in love all over again. Every moment. And I believed for all those years that’s how you felt also. But I was wrong.

I will always love you, you will always be my first true love but that’s something I will never forgive you for. I will never forgive you for just running out of my life because you “thought”  you didn’t love me anymore. And that’s because you didn’t me the time of the day. You wouldn’t give the attention and the time to show you how much of an amazing person i truly was and still am to this day.

I hope one day you realize this. I hope one day when no girl can deal with your bullshit, you will look back and realized how much I really had to offer. I offered you so much. I loved you more than i loved myself…

And maybe that was the problem… I don’t know. I’ll never know why you fell out of love with me. But one thing i do know is your missing out…




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